Thursday, 10 May 2018

Which Algo Switching GPU Profit Miner?

Recently my L3 has been performing incredibly well on mining rig rentals so I have been looking to the GPU side of my operation a little bit more. Currently I sold all my GPU rigs and I am left with two GTX 1070 to mine with. Alot of people use Nicehash as its very very simply but with Nicehash you aren't always making the most of those GPU's and getting a possibly more BTC

So the alternatives....

Firstly I looked into Awesome miner. I already use Awesome miner to monitor my L3 so it was really easy to set it up. I created a profit miner for my GTX 1070 and selected the algorithms I wanted to mine and entered my BTC address for payout. Then it was a simple case of right clicking the profit miner and start.

Now my only issue with Awesome miner is the payout in Dollars is a little optimistic at least, its always incredibly high and its very unlikely you will see a return on that scale. Secondly I probably wouldn't use Blockmasters as a pool if you only have 1-2 cards as the payout is extremely high. Other than that once you get your head around the many menus within Awesome miner its a great program which can monitor your rigs with ease

Check out Awesome Miner Here

Next I still wasn't 100% with Awesome miner, mainly because it was the free version and I wanted a bit more freedom without paying. So I done some more research and found another program which is 100% free and claims to get more profit than Awesome Miner

NemosMiner is based on MPH miner which I did not really get on with but Nemos is much easier thanks to its friendly config setup. Once you have downloaded and unzipped Nemos miner you will be presented with an interface, ok its not as pretty as Awesome Miner but it does the job.

Once you have gone into config entered your BTC address and selected the pools you wish to mine at its simply a case of hitting the start button. Once started every 120 seconds it will check to make sure you are mining the most profitable algo across multiple pools. I have to say I have found this to be my most profitable program that I have used, it may not be as simple as Awesome miner but it is worth the setting up

You can download Nemos Miner from the official Github

Dont forget if you want to be really really lazy and looking for something which is the most simple then I would probably stick to Nicehash

Friday, 4 May 2018

KuCoin Officially Reopen Referral Program

Good news for all you traders or people with lots and lots of friends Kucoin has officially reopened their referral bonus program. The idea is you invite your friends or trading community to Kucoin through your ref link, once they have signed up you receive a percentage of their trades. Its very much like Binance and their own referral program but Kucoin tends to list alot more less popular coins but it still has a good volume to trade with

Not to long ago it was Poloniex and Bittrex that set the standard for exchanges but now with Binance taking over it has set a new standard which companies like Kucoin are closely following.

Ref Link: Sign up to Kucoin here
Non Ref Link: Sign up to Kucoin here

Ref Link: Sign up to Binance here
Non Ref Link:Sign up to Binance here

Meet Bitmains New Equihash Miner

Bitmain are seriously rolling out some ASIC miners this year and at the same time causing a bit of a division within the mining community. The newest miner was released this week is the Antminer Z9 mini which mines Equihash, a previous GPU miners favourite. It will hash along at 10k Sols with a power usage of 300 watts, which is a very very good ratio when you compare a 1080 which roughly hashes at 600 Sols. If you were to get your hands on one of these today and plug it in you would earn roughly around $35 a day but expect this to plummet hugely when the first batch is released and difficulty goes through the roof

This will kill off Equihash GPU mining I hear you say, well it looks as though nearly all Equihash coins are announcing a fork already. All except ZEC which are yet to make an announcement but have previously stated they wouldn't fork if ASIC's were created.

Personally this is just another miner which I will stay away from, I am still waiting to see a profit calculator for the B3 miner and see an active pool

Monday, 30 April 2018

Halong Miner Announce DragonMint T2 Miner

This week another new ASIC has been announced to bring more competition to Bitmain and Halong mining are proving to be quite a match and quite popular. They have announced the T2 Bitcoin miner which will reportedly mine at a very respectable 17TH/s using 93-102w per TH/s. It also features ASIC boost technology

A few things to worry me, no shipping dates and no prices... Halong mining have proved they can deliver the products although they are still quite expensive and power hungry in comparison to Bitmain. Still, any competition is healthy competition

You can check out the new miner and join the waitlist on the official site

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

How To Mine XHV Haven

Like our RVN post everyone is going mad for Haven and I honestly have no idea why but we will tell you how you can get mining it with your GPU or CPU

First things first
Get the wallet from the official website
Next get the best Haven miner from the github

Put them both into a folder and open the wallet and create your new account. Don't forget to write the seed down somewhere safe. Once its created in the settings start the local node and get the wallet up to date and fully synced

Now open up the miner

XMR Stak is nice and easy to follow, just follow the onscreen instructions. Anything you are not sure of just select no.

When selecting a mining pool I recommend it seems to be the most popular.

So input for the pool address, it does have different ports for CPU mining and multiple GPU rigs

Your username will be your wallet address that you have created within haven wallet. Click receive and copy and past that address into XMR stak

Password x

Then its up to you if you wish to create a worker name. The that is it you should be mining away now, input your wallet address on the website to lookup your stats

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Another Possible New ASIC From Bitmain?

Now I would take this with a  pinch of salt but today I have seen 4-5 blogs or crypto mining news sites that are reporting Bitmain will be releasing another ASIC miner to mine BTM today. Rumours have it will hash at around 730H/s and only draw 360 watts of power but will sit at a staggering $2700.

A few things confuse me with this story, Bytom today will just release their mainet and they are partnered with Bitmain, so is this a good thing to have ASIC's released on day one of mainet launch?

Secondly only a few blogs are featuring this story and cannot find any "official" information anywhere on ASIC release?

Bytom is currently only on Poloniex

Great post about Bytom

Bytom Official Website

Bitmain Official Website

Dear subscriber,
We are proud and happy to announce that we are launching the all-new Antminer B3, a new Antminer model for mining Bytom, at 11AM (25 April, GMT+8).
The Antminer B3 can deliver a hashrate of 780H/s while consuming 360W of power.
Click here to learn more or to place your order after the scheduled time of launch. Correct price will appear after the scheduled time of launch.
We wish you all a happy mining experience.

The Bitmain team

Sunday, 15 April 2018

How To Mine ASIC Resistant CryptoCurrency PURK

We have been strongly talking recently about ASIC resistant cryptocurrency first was being Raven (RVN) and then secondly in detail about Monero hard fork to avoid Bitmains newest and most worthless ASIC miners. To continue this trend we have been looking and another cryptocurrency has popped up with some key features that in all honesty we do not see from new coins anymore

Official PURK website
Mineable Crypto
No Pre-mine, Instamine or ICO
CPU + GPU mineable
Wild Keccak algorithm

That little list right there got my attention, so I decided to look into a bit further and get mining. If you are looking for a brief description of what they are trying to achieve it is here

What is Purk?

Purk was created to help content owners and service providers monetise their website or application by accepting quick and easy micropayments from their users or customers. Website users can send Purk to a content owner or service provider to show appreciation for their hard work.
By sending micropayments as a donation, it highly reduces the amount of monetisation that is needed on a website. Instead of using intrusive adverts, affiliate links, pop ups and sponsored posts, website owners can install the Purk Button and accept quick and easy payments to monetise their content or service instead. Not only does this reduce the amount of promotional clutter on a website, it also reduces costs on content writing and saves time by allowing your customers to tip/pay your writers or employees directly.

 First step I would go and get yourself a PURK wallet, install and sync so you are ready to store your