Tuesday, 20 February 2018

New Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 Will Feature New Code

Core is officially being updated and this could be the most exciting update that we have seen in almost ever. Everyone's complaints with Bitcoin is normally about transfer times and transfer costs and early in 2017 we did see transaction costs spiralling into silly money, well this could possibly be about to change forever

Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 will officially support Segwit which focuses on scaling the network to be faster and cheaper. Although Segwit has been around for a little while now its not until recently we have seen further adoption which has seen the amount of waiting transactions in the mempool drop drastically. Also along with Coinbase confirming they are in the final processes of adding Segwit support themselves this (until lightening network) could be one of the biggest changes we see to Bitcoin Core yet.

You can check the Bitcoin Core Github Here
Release I believe is expected around the 1st May

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Five Current Best GPU's For Mining February 2018

This is going to be a difficult post as its almost going to go out fo date the minute I have posted this, but for February 2018 these are the graphics cards that we recommend for mining at the moment. Also For now trying to just include key points for the card


1. NVIDIA GTX 1070
  • Core Clock: 1506Mhz
  • Mem Clock: 8Gbps
  • Memory: 8GB DDR5
  • Good hashrate to power ratio
  • High amount of memory
  • Expensive to buy, may cause long return on purchase
  • Low stock pretty much everywhere

Telegram ICO Raises $850 Million

The pre-sale for TON which is Telegrams own token has seen the ICO raise a huge $850 million according to a document filed with the US SEC. This can be seen here

At $850 million this is already the biggest ICO to date with the previous highest at only $350 million, but something to remember this ICO still is yet to go to public sale. It is expected to go to public sale in March and according to Bloomberg will look to raise a whopping $1.1 billion which would make the total around $2 billion. This could be the ICO not to miss in 2018

You can read the official whitepaper here

Currently as it stands I cannot find and pretty sure an official website does not excist yet, so keep your eyes peeled in March for an incoming website. Also be aware of scam sites if they do create a site please please confirm its official before sending any funds into an ICO

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

NEO Holders To Get ONT Airdrop

It seems more good news keeps coming from NEO and its team, they have announced this week that all holders of NEO will get an airdrop of ONT at a rate of 0.2ONT to every 0.1 of NEO. This is fantastic news from the NEO team and the crypto has been performing outstanding towards the end of last year and beginning of this year. 

A snapshot will be taken at block height 1974823, which is expected around March 1, 2018. So as long as you are holding NEO in a non exchange wallet you should recieve your NEP-5 token of ONT, although we may see Binance and Kucoin distribute ONT but to make sure I would hold it in a wallet

You can buy Neo below

Monday, 12 February 2018

Where To Buy Bitcoin With Debit Or Credit Card

As Bitcoin continues to grow we are seeing lots and lots of new people coming over and wondering where can they buy Bitcoins on card or for cash? I have always said for someone starting out in buying Bitcoin I believe this is one of the hardest things to get solved at the start. So we are going to list the main exchanges that accept card (one cash) and have been around a long time and can be trusted

Coinbase is probably the biggest of all exchanges online where you can instantly buy Bitcoin and even Ethereum with debit and credit card, buy $100 and get a free $10's worth through our link. I personally have used Coinbase alot on the past and although their fee's are not the cheapest the Bitcoin is instant. You can also setup a wallet with them so you can store your Bitcoins, although we always advise you storing your Bitcoins offline

You can check out Coinbase Here **Buy $100 or more and get $10 FREE!**

Here we have something very different with LocalBitcoins, again a huge huge company who have established themselves massively on the Bitcoin market but the way ti works is very very different. Unlike Coinbase and CEX you do not buy your Bitcoins directly from Localbitcoins. Instead they act as a middle man and you purchase from other people selling Bitcoin. They make it safe by holding the Bitcoin in escrow until the payments and Bitcoin have all been confirmed from both sides. This results in much cheaper rates getting you more Bitcoin for your money, again Localbitcoins is a site I have personally used alot. You can also buy in cash if you really need to, although be aware this will involve meeting a person locally and purchasing which I would be very careful of doing

You can check out LocalBitcoins here

Coinmama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Coinmama is somewhere that revolves their whole business around purchasing BTC with debit and cards, the are well respected and have been around for awhile now. It really is one of the easiest right up there with Coinbase, the fee's may be slightly higher but that's because like Coinbase the Bitcoin your receive is instant. They now also offer ETH!

Checkout CoinMama Here

Cex.io is another huge exchange that has been around a long time, initially creating their name by host Ghash mining pool they moved away from that and focused on buying and selling Bitcoins and Ethereum. I personally have not used CEX as much as coinbase but like coinbase they are instant and you can buy with credit or debit card. I would not use any other companies other than these two when buying instant Bitcoin with your debit or credit card

You can check out CEX.io here


Saturday, 10 February 2018

Coinbase Commerce Pay, To Rival Paypal?

Well this is interesting, Coinbase, THE biggest Bitcoin crypto broker and exchange within the crypto world has launched Coinbase Commerce to merchants. It gives you the option to pay in the four cryptos that Coinbase currently support, these being Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bcash.

Currently Bitpay is the biggest company in the world of payment systems but if I was them I would be very very worried about Coinbase stepping into my territory. My only thoughts are how quick is the payment time, especially for Bitcoin if we get a huge backlog of transactions. Then again thinking as I right that we know that Coinbase is adopting Segwit which should massively help with transaction times within the next few weeks.

Do you have any experience using Coinbase Commerce? Can you provide feedback?

Coinbase Commerce Website Here

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Octominer Releases GPU Mining Motherboards

Today I managed to stumble across a Chinese company that is specialising in GPU mining and at first glance it is looking very promising. Octominer is taking pre orders for their 8 Full Size GPU slot motherboard which comes with a CPU and onboard graphics already built in. If you are serious into GPU mining this really could be the motherboard to tidy up all your rigs.

Motherboard : support 8*Pcie 16x
Embedded 6th gen Intel® Celeron® Processor 3855U
CPU cooler on integrated on the board
Support 8pcs AMD470/480/570/580 or Nvidia P106/P104/1060/1070/1070TI/1080/1080TI 
Support So-dimm DDR4L upto 8GB RAM
Ports: 2x USB, 1x VGA, 1x RJ45 Network
Support server style power supply

It is currently priced at $199 which is quite reasonable for what it is, and can been seen on their website here https://octominer.com/shop/octominer_b8plus/

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

US Senate Meets To Discuss Crypto

It was quite a nervous day, a meeting by the US Senate happened today and believe it or not it was not doom and gloom, if anything it was actually pretty good news. As you can see from the video above which a lot of people classed as one of the more important parts of the meeting there was some real thought put behind what blockchain technology could really be used for

Some of the key points so far

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Raiblocks XRB Rebrands to Nano

Everyone who follows this blog by now knows my absolute love for XRB Raiblocks, well now officially it has been confirmed that it will be rebranding to NANO. This is fantastic news for Nano and now we have seen the price rebound to where it was before all the Bit grail drama that happened yesterday. For us early investors its huge news and the huge things we all knew were coming in 2018 are slowly starting to appear and happen

Also in the news comes probably the best of of the rebrand, they are releasing their own exchange. This is huge news, instant transfers no fees to move Nano I cannot wait

Official announcement here

Official Nano Website here http://nano.org/en

You can buy XRB soon to be Nano below

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Slowly Getting More Mainstream?

Been a bit quiet recently folks but that is purely down to me, been silly crazy with work and as you know I run this blog + reddit + Facebook + my family all on my own! Anyway something that caught my eye this morning, we all talk of Bitcoin going more mainstream and getting a wider adoption which towards the end of 2017 we saw a hell of alot of people talking about it. This morning I see that CNBC news features not just Bitcoin but shows high performers in crypto including XRB, Stellar, NEO, XRP and ETH

It may not seem like much to alot for you but trust me this is a big deal, it has taken years for Bitcoin to get decent TV time, but now we are seeing alternate coins getting praise on the news as well. For me 2018 is going to be a big year for us crypto nerds especially when we see more good news like Robinhood app is bringing crypto to their platform. This will open the door to so so many new people and hopefully cause Coinbase to drive down their fee's

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Neon Wallet Now Adds Tokens

I've been in Neo for a long long time, from when it was Antshares in fact and now and only now I feel the currency is starting to get some recognition it deserves. This week we have seen a massive update on the Neon Wallet with it now showing token balance and being able to participate in token sales straight from the wallet.

This is really big for Neo that we are now seeing tokens, as for me tokens is what made Ethereum explode. My question is could Neo get bigger than Ethereum, in my eyes its pretty much a better alternative to Ethereum especially at the moment with all the transactions fees being so high. I mean who doesn't like getting free money and claiming GAS from your Neo wallet

You can download the Neon Wallet here https://github.com/CityOfZion/neon-wallet/releases

You can buy Neo below

Sunday, 21 January 2018

First Bitcoin Lottery By LottoLand

You can now take part in the first Bitcoin lottery of its kind brought to you by LottoLand. The jackpot currently stands at 1,301 Bitcoins which is currently at the time of writing 15,830,000 USD and you can take payment in either cash or Bitcoin.

The lottery is drawn every day and the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816, far better than the odds of many multi million pound jackpot draws such as the UK national lottery, and ten times better than the odds of EuroMillions..

Sign Up Now and receive a free bet

Bitcoin Unconfirmed TX's Clearing Overnight?

Bitcoin price is still a little fragile and is hovering between 10k and 12k but we have some really surprising and good news which kind of just appeared overnight. The amount of unconfirmed transactions drastically dropped overnight with unconfirmed TX's with low fees even clearing. We even saw the biggest block mined so far Size: 2.1MB, Weight: 3993048 which goes to show Segwit is working and making changes to the network.

We have seen many rumours around Twitter and Reddit looking for explanation, some saying it may be Segwit adoption from Coinbase kicking in and other noticing that the overall mining speed increased 20% overnight. Truly we will not know but one thing we do know is Segwit is working, my hunch might be with the Lightning network moving along a lot faster than expected are miners turning to Segwit in hope they keep making decent returns

Also I bet those #bcash supporters are getting slightly worried

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sometimes You Have To Zoom Out

I posted this on our Facebook page and I decided I am posting it into the blog as well as I believe it is really important to look at the bigger picture. People are freaking out with crypto prices but believe me when I say this is completely normal for this time of year. If you look at the image above you will see every January we see a huge dip/correction and then we are back to normal. I believe this year it is a lot worse mainly due to all the futures contracts that are open and ready to expire on 17th January, once this finishes we should recover

Have faith, never panic sell

Sunday, 14 January 2018

VeChain Partners With Chinese Government

When looking at crypto news does not really get much bigger than this, VeChain has already been spreading like wild fire round the crypto world and lucky for me I bought a little a while back. Today huge news comes as VeChain is officially working with the China central government and the China National Tobacco Corporation. This is absolutely amazing news from still a relatively small crypto, it will be used as a proof of origin for tobacco to counter fakes being made. Simply you should be able in China to look up your Tobacco on the blockchain to make sure its legit and not a fake pack. When China's tobacco industry accounts for 30% of the worlds that kinda puts into perspective how big this news is

Full announcement here https://medium.com/@vechainofficial/vechain-blockchain-solutions-to-enter-chinas-tobacco-industry-in-force-c92b3729878f

You can buy VeChain Below

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Probably Best Not To Check Your Blockfolio This Morning

Woken up this morning to an absolute bloodbath not only in BTC but across the crypto market. The reason I can find is rumours that South Korea was ready to ban all crypto exchanges much like the China FUD all over again. Although this time it is not true

South Korea are looking to ban unregulated exchanges and exchanges that aren't compliant. So that is definitely not banning all exchanges is it

Wish I had more funds not tied up in crypto at the moment as all you need to do is treat today as a crypto sale and fill your pockets with the coin of your choice. Even if its BTC as that's at a nice price, I'd make the most of it because I don't think this will last long

As always if you want to sign up to an exchange to buy some crypto here KuCoin and Binance are simply the best two at the moment for choice of crypto. Here are my referral links, sign up through these to help support the page

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

UpCoin Exchange Offering $500 Free On Sign Up

In the past I have managed to post quite a few free airdrops that have made us some quick money, but all of a sudden it was like everyone wanted to do airdrops and what came with that was lots of scams. Now I don't post anywhere near what I used to but today I came across another good one

UpCoin is a new exchange that is currently in development and they are looking for new users to sign up, when a new user signs up they receive $500 FREE to use to cover all exchange fee's once the exchange is up and running. This is a massive amount of money and perfect if you are looking to avoid possible exchange fee's in the future

All you need to do is Sign Up HERE and create an account

As always with these airdrops there is always the slight piece of doubt it could turn out to be a load of nothing, but if it does we lose nothing. Personally I have already signed up and it shows the $500 in my account. I recommend as always with airdrops use a different email and a completely different password you have not used for anything else

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Earn Crypto Just From Holding KuCoins

The title of this post sounds way to easy but I assure you it really is that easy. New exchange Kucoin has been making waves within the exchange world, brining a fresh new look with lots and lots of input from its users. It is moving forward rapidly in the market gaining more and more popularity by the day and that is helped by their innovative system Kucoins and KuCoin shares.

Q. What is the Kucoin Bonus?

A. The Kucoin bonus is granted by holding Kucoin Shares (KCS) on the Exchange. You will not get the bonus if your KCS are held on an external wallet. This bonus is distributed at 00:00 UTC+8 daily over a period of several hours and is calculated by the amount of Kucoin Shares you hold. You will be credited with a split of 50% of the total trading fees charged by the Exchange. You can calculate your bonus at Kucoinshares.com. This bonus will be adjusted when the volume grows, however will never be reduced below 15%. It will stay at 50% for a minimum of 6 months. (Ending March 2018)

I have put some of my BTC over there and converted it to see what the income is like until March anyway as it sounds so promising as if some of the coins they list skyrocket in price you will make even more money almost like a passive income. Also if the exchanges total volume goes up, so does your profits

Check it out over at KuCoin now

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Where To Buy XRB Raiblocks

Raiblocks XRB may well be just the most promising crypto to be on the market at the moment and I believe at the time of writing this it is still more than early enough to buy in. The currency is near instant transactions with zero fee's, this is a complete game changer especially when the world is currently talking about how much energy Bitcoin miners are currently consuming. To me XRB fixes all of these issues and more and along with IOTA I believe it will change the crypto scene.

One of the biggest factors to know your still an early adopter is to look for exchanges, currently at the time of writing it is only on one exchange that I recommend and that is KuCoin. Although it has just won the vote to be listed on Binance which is coming very soon

Go and buy your XRB on Kucoin here
If possible please use our referral code 27Hx4 to help support our blog

Once listed you can buy XRB on Binance here

Binance not currently taking registrations believe it or not is a good thing as you can get the coin cheap and early on KuCoin and then take some easy profit once Binance has it listed and is acceptign new users

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Ripple co-founder is now richer than Google founders

With Ripple now hitting highs of $3.84, the company's co-founder, Chris Larsen, is now worth a staggering $59.9 billion on paper! Larsen has 5.19 billion of XRP and a 17 percent stake in Ripple, according to Forbes. XRP increased 35,500% in 2017 which was more than Bitcoin and Ethereum, now although everything seems good at the moment there is alot of hate and scepticism surrounding the coin as majority of the crypto world call Ripple centralised. This is because Ripple owns 61.3 billion of the 100 billion XRP coins worth roughly $235 billion. 

Many people within the crypto community use crypto as a method to step away from banks and back Bitcoins original thinking as a decentralised digital currency. Ripple does not fall into this category and it does not pretend to either, many stories have come out linking Ripple with numerous banks and with high transfers per second and extremely cheap transfer fee's people can understand why. 

Although one thing that really bothers me, we see the media talk of Bitcoin being a "bubble" and saying "its ready to burst" but think about this, a currency just increased 35,500% in a year with its own company owning majority of the funds... How many media outlets did your see calling Ripple a bubble?

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Local Bitcoins Now Segwit Compatible

Massive announce from LocalBitcoins.com today that they have now fully integrated Segwit address for sending and receiving Bitcoin. This is great news for users who regularly sell and buy as this will hugely drop all your transactions fee's sending and receiving, also should see an increase in transaction time

I see also today that BTC.com have also integrated Segwit which is good news all round for all use Bitcoin users, recent times have been pretty bleek with high fee's and long transaction times