Mining Start Bat Files

So when you start mining setting up start files to start mining at the pool of your choice is a huge huge pain in the arse. So here I am going to list a few bat files which you can download. All you have to do with these is put them in the correct folder for which mining software you are using and then just change the worker and password, or in some cases the wallet address and password. These will all be GPU mining files for the moment if I can spread into more I will but the issue is I can only test these as I only do GPU mining

GPU Ethereum and DCR Dual Mining, Claymores Dual Miner 
Eth currently set to
DCR Set to
Change both to your worker and password and wallet address for Eth

GPU ETC Solo Mining Claymores Dual Miner
ETC currently set to
Change the worker to your ETC wallet address and password leave as x

Download Here

Mona set to
Change worker and password to one you have setup on suprnova

Download Here

Electroneum set to
change worker and password to what you have on supr nova

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