Sunday, 25 August 2019

RavenCoin Change of Algorithm

From the Ravencoin dev team

”The Ravencoin Dev team has now confirmed the algorithm changes. We will be moving from X16R to X16RV2 on Tuesday Oct 01 2019 16:00:00 UTC

We are adding the algorithm Tiger into three seperate parts of the current X16R algo. The Tiger hash is performed before the algorithms Luffa512, Keccak512, and SHA512.

We will be releasing a new build this week or at the beginning of the next (2.5.0) that will have the algorithm switch in it. The new build will also be fixing some bugs, and adding some improvments into the Ravencoin Core Client.

We are recommending that all users/nodes update to 2.5.0 as soon as it comes out.

We will make an announcement when 2.5.0 is released”

We was a big fan of RavenCoin so we will keep an eye out for software as it comes out

Monday, 1 July 2019

Antminer S9 SE Now Available

From June 18th Bitmain announced that the new Antminer S9 SE is now available to order for a pretty respectable $351. Although technically its not "new" its still offers a great price for 16THS and 1280W if you have a low energy cost.

With the price of Bitcoin recently surging this may start becoming more and more viable, and checking today (01/07/2019) on Bitmains website they are officially sold out. Is the S9SE something you would be interested in? Or would you go all out for something bigger such as the monster T17?

You can check out the S9 SE here

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Brave Browser Surpases 5.5 Million active users

Brave browser has been making waves which by many was totally unexpected, their internet browser has proven to be fast, reliable and most important rewarding. Brave grew to 5.5 million active users in January this year with the figure now way more than that, this includes over 28000 verified publishers and growing use via Youtube and Twitch

The most impressive for me this year was the new partnerships announced, they werent no little partnerships all of them brought big names to the table

Dow Jones Media Group, Townsquare, Baker/DeFranco

We partnered with Dow Jones Media Group to bring premium content to new audiences and to test blockchain technology usage in digital publishing. We also partnered with Townsquare Media to monetize ad-blocking traffic and test digital advertising solutions with the BAT platform, as well as prominent YouTubers Bart Baker and Philip DeFranco to spread awareness about Brave and BAT to their audiences.


Qwant, the European search engine that respects the privacy of its users, is now our default search engine in France and Germany.


We expanded our relationship with DuckDuckGo to feature them across all our platforms in our Private Windows search.


Brave will be the default browser on the HTC Exodus, the world’s first native blockchain phone dedicated to decentralized applications.  


We joined the AdLedger blockchain consortium alongside Publicis, Omnicom, IPG Reprise Digital, GroupM, MadHive, Coindesk, Meredith, TEGNA, and IBM in order to reform the future of digital advertising.


We’re working with Civic to provide identity verification and other Know Your Customer (KYC) services to our Verified publishers, so that they will be able to securely receive earned BATs directly into their own Ethereum addresses.
Privacy has always been the key and now with the release of brave ads this furthers the popularity of non intrusive adverts, the company is very much continuing to rise.

Check out Brave Browser here 

Dont forget it is now availible on Android and iOS

Monday, 20 May 2019

Antminer Z Series Custom Firmware

If you were lucky enough to purchase an Antminer Z11 before they sold out then good news for you that a custom firmware has now been released by Efudd which allows you greater control over your miner. It allows the ability to overclock, control voltage and achieve a higher performance than the stock settings, all done at your own risk of course

According to the develpoer the modified firmare will take you from the stock 135KSol to 150 and if you wish to push it even further but might want to get some extra cooling 170-180 is claimed to be possible.

One huge drawback though, the customer firmware does comes with a built in 3% developer fee, personally I am never a fan of this and would rather make a donation or buy the firmware than pay a developer fee

You can check it out here

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Whole Foods Now Accept Bitcoin, Trial For Amazon?

Crypto has been given a big push in the payment system as Whole Foods and Starbucks now accept Bitcoin via a 3rd party app Flexa and its wallet Speedn. Although they arent directly taking Bitcoin and it is done via the 3rd party it is good news that could pave the gateway for Amazon to start accepting crypto as Whole Foods is owned by Amazon.

These are just a couple of the big stores, Flexa is currently reporting that they support payment in 30,000 different stores, if this truly works out could we see a wider adoption? The 3rd party system was always going to be the winner, directly I am not sure any big retailers want the headache of dealing with Bitcoin wallets and addresses. With Flexa they can receive the money straight into their account while the customer can use what ever crypto we want to pay in

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Facebook Confirmed Building Crypto Payment System

The Wall Street Journal has all but confirmed that Facebook is building their own crypto based payment system in the article they have posted here. Its been a long long time that we have been waiting for a major company to adopt crypto for payment and this could be a huge start in a forward progress.

They currently have code named it Project Libra and the report says that Facebook is building a stable coin backed by the fiat, so similar to tether? Also reports suggest that they have been on a huge recruitment drive with dozens of financial firms and online merchants to support their own crypto eco system

If we take this as truth which judging by Facebook recent job listings I am now 100% convinced this is the case, this crypto could be absolutely huge. Facebook has 1.7 Billion users who will suddenly be opened up to paying in crypto, thats not including WhatsApp and Instagram

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Are your miners still on?

What should we call this, black November? The great crypto crash of 2018?

This month alot and I mean alot of people including myself have lost alot of money with the market tanking as it has. It was kind of unexpected and then to wake up this morning to find BTC has dipped by another $1000 and looks like its doesnt know where its going to stop

As my miners became less and less profitable I started switching them off and selling hence why news had slowed a bit here. Now I have switched my last mining rig off and unless you are rocking free electricity I guess I would not be alone in this. Its been a bad month for anyone to do anything with crypto, the only ones taking positives are the guys who didnt invest who are smuggly asking you how crypto is going, knowing full well its on its arse

Will it recover? Honestly... who knows? Remember in the space of a year we went from $250 to $19000, I think it might be best to just watch from here on out. I'm going to buy a little BTC at these prices but honestly anyone who can tell you what is happenening is probably full of shit

If you have lost alot of money, speak to people, dont be afraid and dont keep it to yourself. There are some good groups out there that will listen. For all the others stay strong my bro's we was always in it for the tech right? :D