Friday, 10 January 2014

Picked My Coin Network What Now?

Now for me this is where it started to get complicated and really, really confusing so I will try my best to explain this. 
  Once you have picked your coin network you need to download the wallet which will store your coins, now this is important, this writes your coins to you hard drive so always back it up. Once you have downloaded and installed the wallet it will update or sync itself with the previous blocks found, now this can take an absolute age so do not worry if it takes a long time its quite normal. Once your wallet has synced with previous data you will need to add a config file to it, now this will vary for each wallet and each network you are going to use so for me to give an example is going to be very difficult. Most networks will give you a demo config file to upload to your wallet with all you having to do is add a username and password. 
It will look something like this, this is for Betacoin which uses SHA-256, ones which use Scrypt look very very different as you will have to put graphics card settings. These config files need to be placed in the correct folder, click start and in the search bar put in %appdata%\roaming and find the wallet you have installed and place the file in there

If you have decided to use something like Primecoin which uses CPU then this is nice and easy you will need to sign up to a pool and then download a mining program. Ypool recommend jhprimeminer which is designed to be used with it and is nice and easy to setup as ypool will give you your login worker details. Once downloaded and installed all you need to do is right click on the !start.bat click edit and enter your worker details


Back to the other coins if you wish to mine these you will need to find a mining pool to sign up to and get the worker details ready to enter into the miner. For SHA-256 and scrypt I would recommend using cgminer, this is the main one everyone uses and there are plenty of guides out there for. I will trry and write a quick guide to setting up cgminer but with all different networks some using GPU's and some using ASIC's it is very difficult to get settings for everyone

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