Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Alternatives to CGminer?

Many people use CGminer and do not have a problem with it, over the last few weeks I have been experimenting with a few other mining programs to see how they handle. The main reason for this was I was having trouble with my new USB miners that they were not recognized in CGminer but for some reason other mining programs detected them instantly

BFGminer - Download link

I was referred to BFGminer by another user who said to me it is like a better  version of CGminer and I say I have to agree. With newer devices majority were plug and play even though CGminer wouldnt even detect them. The ability to easily overclock in three easy button presses is also one of the best bits of it. Download it give it a try and see what you think

MultiMiner Download Link

Originally found this through bitcointalk forum and in the description it was made out to be the easiest thing to use and also allows multiple devices through one program, so I could have my ASIC's mining away and my graphics card all together. Well after installing I could not get it to detect either of my devices, after hours of mucking about I managed to get it to find my GPU but could not get a good hash rate. I tried looking on the forums but then ended up giving up and going back to BFGminer

CGminer Download link

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