Saturday, 21 June 2014

Setting Up A Zeus Blizzard

With Scrypt mining being the new thing I decided to get in on it and buy myself a Blizzard. Very happy with the product, small doesnt run hot and getting a staedy 1.4MH/s. One downside I have noticed is the fan is slightly noisey but if you are used to an Antminer S1 or anything like that you will think its quiet!

When I did get the Blizzard I was a bit troubled when it come to getting it going but once I realised what I needed to get it going it was easy, so I will give you the direct links for what you need!

First you willl need the driver which is available from the link below

Then you will need a modified version of BFGminer which recognises the blizzard
Download BFGminer 4.2.1 Zeus here

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