Saturday, 12 July 2014

Where To Buy Hosted Ghs

2017 Edit: This article is no longer relevant, many of the companies that offered hosted GH/s have now either gone bankrupt or have stopped selling. You have to think to yourself, why would a company offer to mine for you when they could mine for themselves?

Now in 2017 with myself included being a bit wiser if I was desperate to buy some hosted miners then I would only use Nicehash. Nicehash only acts as a middleman, people place orders for mining contracts and then people with mining machines like you or me fulfill them

One of the most common questions I get asked is where can I buy hosted hashes and for it to be reliable. There for me is only two major companies that provide reliable hosted hashes

The first is a smaller company PBmining but is becoming very bit within the hosted world. A very professional company with quick and reliable GHs to be bought

The other is the big boy of the bunch which is, they are a major player within the Bitcoin world and have over 190k users and a BTC hashrate of 43PHs which is phenomenal. The only other reason I recommend PBmining is the fact 1GHs at PB is 0.003 where as at Ghash it is 0.006 which is double the price. Either way check them both out and see what you think, PBmining Link Here


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The First Bitcoin Bank? Introducing Xapo

With Bitcoin being an all new currency it was probably only a matter of time we saw something that resembles what me and you know as a bank. The idea behind Bitcoin is to have no banks so it remains un regulated and un-controllable by the banks, but with no banks it is almost like no security.
  Introducing Xapo which is a start up and now has received over $40 million in funding and is well on its way to becoming the biggest thing for Bitcoin. Now it is not really a bank it is just a wallet and a secure vault, the vault is stored offline and on paper wallets. So you can have the coins you want to spend in your wallet and your savings in your vault. They are also taking pre-orders for debit cards which is kinda cool

 Go check them out and get 5000 sat free