Thursday, 21 July 2016

BitGold / Gold Money, Bitcoin and Altcoins for Gold?

Now I am normally not convinced when it comes to thes kind of companies hence why I am posting here. I have been checking trustpiot for this company for the last few weeks and the reviews seem to be a complete mixed bag. Lots of good but then also a few bad which make me have my doubts...

So I am wondering does anyone have any experience of this company using BitGold? If you do I would love to hear from you or if you could give a review,. They seem to have been running for a long time now and a bit like Bitcoin the price of Gold goes up and down so I understand that you might not run into a profit on the site and you could end up making a loss. I just want to know how legit it is and peoples experiences.

If you have no idea what we are talking about go and check out Bitgold Here

Bitgold has now changed names over to Gold Money. You can still buy gold with BTC and altcoins and is exactly the same as it was

Monday, 18 July 2016

Running Gridseeds With CGminer now

Ok so a little update of my gridseed mining experience, BFGminer seemed to work well for most pools but there was quite a few pools that did not like it.

So I went ahead and tried CGminer which in my opinion the Gridseeds ran alot better on.

Originally I tried CGminer 3.7.2 but I ran into alot of issues with the Gridseeds not being detected, I tried using ZADig to change the Gridseed drivers which I dont think made any difference

So I ended up using CGminer 4.3.5 with built in zeus support and it worked great, at first no Gridseeds were detected but with CGminer running I plugged them i one by one and they were picked up and started hashing.

I have made a zip file which is here for CGminer 4.3.5 with a written config file, all you have to do is edit the config file and aim the miner at the pools you want to and it should be fine for you Gridseeds.

This is all setup as scrypt mining only and as always guys everything you do is at your own risk, do let me know how you get on

IF YOU NEED TO USE ZADIG (please be careful using this I have had lots of issues previously)

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Got Me Some GridSeeds

Ok so a bit behind with the times I know but I managed to pick myself up 5 Gridseeds and a PSU for £30 which I just could not turn down. Now at the time of writing this is cheap cheap especially just to put on scrypt only and let them mine.

So this is my experience....

First things first my god they are noisey, but after a little bit of research I found the fans are only placed on them for sha-256 mining which is not recommended anyway. So I went ahead and removed all the fans and now have one Arctic Silver fan pointing at them. This was very easy to do

1, Remove 4 Screws from the fan
2, Flip the Gridseed over and remove the 4 screws
3, Now give the Gridseed a little tug and twist and it should come off in two pieces
4, The fan wires are soldered on, so if you twist the wires close to the solder it will break off without the need of a soldering iron. PLEASE NOTE the wires will require soldering back on so dont do this if you dont know how to solder or want to put the fans back on later
5, Now reverse the order and you have a nice quiet Gridseed.


The above is very important now that we have no fans, if it runs in sha-256 mode the Gridseed will overheat and die.

Next step for me was to get them hashing, I had a hard look around for software and struggled at times to get them working. The best one I found was BFGMiner 3.9 which you can download here. This is re-written for the Gridseed and has a nice big LTC_ONLY BAT file that you can run to mine Scrypt only. To edit the BAT file,

1, Right Click LTC_ONLY.bat and click edit
2, Enter your pool details
So it should look some thing like this
bfgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u 12qheQMkzsHUZv2MLesQZCbXEX5zFUD8qe -p d=256 -d gridseed -S gridseed:all --set-device gridseed:clock=850 --no-submit-stale
Replace the web address with where you want to mine and the username with what the pool requires which will either be a username or a BTC address depending on where or what your mining

If there is anything I have missed out I will try to add it and do comment if you can add anyhting further. Happy mining

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Where to buy Bitcoin?

One question you see asked everywhere and people always wonder when starting out is where is the safest place to buy Bitcoin? Simple answer is Coinbase. Alot of people do not enjoy mining as it can be alot of work and the return on it now is simply not good enough unless you splash out thousands on machines which probably will not return what you spent. The problem is you still want Bitcoin, that is where Coinbase comes in. Coinbase has been around a very very long time, they have a great reputation and have fantastic security setups. Once you have setup an account and verified to buy the purchase on Bitcoin is instant.

 This gives you hassle free, mining free Bitcoins. They do also have a wallet function but like all online wallets I would not use it, always transfer it into your main Bitcoin wallet on your pc or where ever you have it stored.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


So go easy with me as I back on the scene and very very new to everything AGAIN! :D

Ethereum looks to have burst on the scene and has brought back alot of GPU mining that people have been missing, its like the good ol days of churning out coins with your GPU.

So to stop me blabbering on not knowing what I am talking about someone has already written up everything you need to know about Ethereum located in one document which is here

The best program which has worked effortlessly for me has been QtMiner, I have had no issues with it and has been by far the easiest to setup. Download QtMiner Here

Also the pool I advise using which I have found has one of the lowest payouts and highest returns seems to be

They even have a full guide:
  • Download QtMiner:
  • Extract the zip archive
  • Start QtMiner using the following command: qtminer.exe -s <server:port> -u <Your_Ethereum_Address>.<RigName> -G
  • Full example:
    China (Beijing): qtminer.exe -s -u 0x4bb96091ee9d802ed039c4d1a5f6216f90f81b01.rig1 -G
    North America (East): qtminer.exe -s -u 0x4bb96091ee9d802ed039c4d1a5f6216f90f81b01.rig1 -G
    North America (West): qtminer.exe -s -u 0x4bb96091ee9d802ed039c4d1a5f6216f90f81b01.rig1 -G
    Europe: qtminer.exe -s -u 0x4bb96091ee9d802ed039c4d1a5f6216f90f81b01.rig1 -G
    Asia: qtminer.exe -s -u 0x4bb96091ee9d802ed039c4d1a5f6216f90f81b01.rig1 -G

Back To Life

Ok... So after a couple of years of downtime with BTC hitting a massive low and the community around the mining world growing smaller with that I decided to leave the big wide world of Bitcoin. Now a couple of years away I have returned and have the same bug as I first did when I first discovered it, I still have a few of my old USB sticks that I have dusted off and began mining again A few people have said to me "whats the point?"
  Well for me its more of the hobby side I enjoy, I like puttin my little miners to work and seeing everything working. Things are ALOT more tougher now and I mean that, be prepared to not make much money (unless you have free electric) but if you are looking for a cool hobby then we could be the place to check out.

Quite a few things have changed in the years I have left the BTC world, a few of the BIG BIG players in the miner making world have now dissipated or been declared bankrupt. The mining machines have moved on vastly and BTC is getting more and more difficult by the day, but with this happening the value of BTC has now risen quite a bit. At time of writing it is at $622 which is amazing and with the "halvening" happening this Saturday could we see a big spike? Lets hope so

A few things to look into that we hopefully will be writing about

Ethereum has brought back GPU mining in a big way but is progressively getting harder
BTC Jam has provided me with some reward but still lots of red non payers
USB miners are cool again? (for us hobbyists) :D