Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Back To Life

Ok... So after a couple of years of downtime with BTC hitting a massive low and the community around the mining world growing smaller with that I decided to leave the big wide world of Bitcoin. Now a couple of years away I have returned and have the same bug as I first did when I first discovered it, I still have a few of my old USB sticks that I have dusted off and began mining again A few people have said to me "whats the point?"
  Well for me its more of the hobby side I enjoy, I like puttin my little miners to work and seeing everything working. Things are ALOT more tougher now and I mean that, be prepared to not make much money (unless you have free electric) but if you are looking for a cool hobby then we could be the place to check out.

Quite a few things have changed in the years I have left the BTC world, a few of the BIG BIG players in the miner making world have now dissipated or been declared bankrupt. The mining machines have moved on vastly and BTC is getting more and more difficult by the day, but with this happening the value of BTC has now risen quite a bit. At time of writing it is at $622 which is amazing and with the "halvening" happening this Saturday could we see a big spike? Lets hope so

A few things to look into that we hopefully will be writing about

Ethereum has brought back GPU mining in a big way but is progressively getting harder
BTC Jam has provided me with some reward but still lots of red non payers
USB miners are cool again? (for us hobbyists) :D

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