Monday, 18 July 2016

Running Gridseeds With CGminer now

Ok so a little update of my gridseed mining experience, BFGminer seemed to work well for most pools but there was quite a few pools that did not like it.

So I went ahead and tried CGminer which in my opinion the Gridseeds ran alot better on.

Originally I tried CGminer 3.7.2 but I ran into alot of issues with the Gridseeds not being detected, I tried using ZADig to change the Gridseed drivers which I dont think made any difference

So I ended up using CGminer 4.3.5 with built in zeus support and it worked great, at first no Gridseeds were detected but with CGminer running I plugged them i one by one and they were picked up and started hashing.

I have made a zip file which is here for CGminer 4.3.5 with a written config file, all you have to do is edit the config file and aim the miner at the pools you want to and it should be fine for you Gridseeds.

This is all setup as scrypt mining only and as always guys everything you do is at your own risk, do let me know how you get on

IF YOU NEED TO USE ZADIG (please be careful using this I have had lots of issues previously)

– Download and run the latest version of Zadig
– From the Zadig interface select Options and choose List All Devices
– From the Dropdown list of devices select CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller and click on Replace Driver with the WinUSB driver selected
– If you have multiple 5-chip GC3355 DualMiner USB devices connected you may need to repeat the procedure for all of them

It seems that there are some ASIC devices that may be using different virtual USB to COM drivers other than the CP2102 that our unit has (for example ST32 Virtual COM Port), unfortunately we don’t have any of those to test with. You can however try to make things work by replacing the other driver with WinUSB, just select the right name from the dropdown box (do not try to rename drivers, it is pointless) and Replace it with WinUSB (you may need to unplug and plug the USB cable to the miner after that). If after installing the WinUSB driver over the virtual USB to COM driver the ASIC does not work with cgminer, you just need to uninstall the driver from the Device Manager and unplug/plug the USB cable to the device for it to install the original USB to COM driver and it should be functioning again with cpuminer (note that this way you may have it running on a new COM port).

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