Sunday, 19 February 2017

Buy BTC With Paypal Or Bank Transfer

People are always looking for the safest way to buy Bitcoins and it can be difficult trying to go through all the sites and picking out one that is legit and safe. Thats where LocalBitcoins comes in, the site has been about for years and uses a trusty escrow service when trading BTC

It has tons and tons of methods of payments, everything from cash by post to Paypal and Bank transfer. When purchasing your Bitcoins you pay the seller and the seller sends the BTC to localbitcoins, they then hold the BTC until everything is confirmed and both sides are happy. There really isnt a safer way of buying Bitcoins with so many methods at the moment

Go and check out LocalBitcoins Here

Alternatively if you are in the UK and you are looking for quick fast and super professional transactions then Bitbargain might be for you. It is just like LocalBitcoins except the process it takes for sellers to sell BTC is alot more involved and I suppose you could say a lot more secure. People who have accounts on Bitbargain value them massively and want to keep YOU the customer as happy as possible

Check out BitBargain Here

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