Sunday, 12 February 2017

Earn Money With Bit Luna


Bitluna has shut down all websites and looks like ran away with the money, If I hear any further I will update you

I always find ways to make money on the internet except Bitcoin generally tend to be a scam except when I came across BitLuna. We are all here for the same reason, we want to make money, BitLuna uses there own cryptocurrency with advertisment views to earn money. The passage below for me is the key to earning money on this site, it is almost a no brainer. BitLuna is by invite only and if you can sign up using referring name as rapid86 to complete the sign up process

3. Purchase Adpacks
Another way to earn money at Bitluna is to buy their adpacks - and start receiving daily earnings for the lifetime of this program! Each Ad Pack cost $5, and you can fund your Bitluna account with as low as $10. After you have bought your AdPacks, you will start receiving daily returns of 2,5% (you have to watch 10 ads daily otherwise you will earn "just" 1,25%.

Now in order to qualify for getting the whole 100% of those 2,5% you will need to click 10 advertisements. If you don´t meet this requirement, you will be receiving just 50% if the promised Adpack earnings (which is still good fot a totaly passive income stream).

However keep in mind that if you don´t compound/repurchase your AdPack earnings and thus reach the 130% ROI you will continue receiving daily AdPack revenues, but they will drop to an unknown percentage!
To keep your total ROI under 130% I advise you to constantly repurchase a part of your AdPack earnings. Doing so, you will be ablte to continue enjoying your 2.5% daily earnings for the lifetime of Bitluna

Check out BitLuna HERE 

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