Thursday, 16 February 2017

How To Mine XMR/Monero With Nvidia

Right... I am starting to get back into the mining world and now that I have a GTX 1070 it has been difficult to say the least. The easiest for people who do not want to be messing around is just to use Nicehash, it pretty much does everything for you

So I have jumped on the XMR/Monero bandwagon and finding guides and software to mine it has been difficult to say the least. I have managed to find a fork of CCminer which allows mining of XMR but I am still not 100% that the hasrate is running at 100%. I have been playing with it the last few days and my 1070 seems to only hash at 315H/s which I do not know is full or not.

Here is the download link for ccminer

Download and unrar ccminer into a folder

Edit the BAT file to the pool you want to mine at with your username and password (or try it just click the bat file xmr-suprnova and see what hashrate you get)

If anyone has any feedback or improvements on how to get more hashes do post in the comments section!

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