Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mining With AMD & Nvidia Card Mining In Same Rig


So I was searching to find out if I could put a RX480 in my main rig alongside my GTX1070 and have them both mining together. Tons of Google searches later I really did not get a definitive answer, some people yes some people no. The idea originally was to build a seperate rig with a couple of 480's but at the moment I cannot afford to buy all the cards at once. So the first 480 turned up and after all the Google searches I thought I will chuck it in my main rig whats the worst that can happen.....

Once the card was installed windows booted and detected the 1070 and the 480, perfect. So I then visited the AMD drivers website and downloaded the BASIC drivers, these are the ones that aren't full of AMD programs and installs the bare minimum for the card. This installed fine, for me to monitor temperatures and clock speed of the 480 I had to have a HDMi plugged into it.

So, HDMI plugged in and my next issue was what to mine with? I kept with Nicehash as its nice and simple to get going. So I opened one instance first which detected both cards, I then benchmarked the 480 and left the 1070 unticked. Clicked start and boom it started mining! So now just the 1070, simple really... Opened another instance of Nicehash with the 480 unticked and boom the 1070 started mining aswell (see screenshot)

In all honesty is quite a basic bit of information I have given you but there isn't really much out there on this subject. Do you run a multi make mining rig?

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Simple Overclock for GTX1070 Mining Eth

With the popularity and the price of Ethereum shooting up with a small dip in Bitcoin it has raised alot more attention from alot of people. Mining Eth can be quite complicated getting setup and using a GTX1070 it can be an issue trying to get the most from your GPU

There are two simple ways we can make the most from our 1070, the first is the most basic simple way for majority of people who know nothing about overclocking. Be aware overclocking CAN cause damage to your card so this is your responsibility.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Best Profitability Calculator For GPU & ASIC

The most important thing with mining is to stay in profit, whether your mining with GPU's or Asic's its important to make money thats why we do it right. Working out earnings yourself can be a complicated and long drawn out process, but now there really is no need to

 WhatToMine.com is probably the best website I have come across for working out which coin to mine and which is going to turn you a profit. Its very very simple to use with the most popular GPU's already programmed into it. Simply input your cost per Kwh and it will carry out the calculations for you. Dont ever mine at a loss!

Also did you know that if you are a Nicehash user they run a profitability calculator aswell based on there algorithms. Again it is another great website to make sure you earn money but the only downside is its totally focused using Nicehash software. Check it out here 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Where to Mine Scrypt or X11

With X11 and scrypt becoming more and more popular to mine not that the difficulty of Bitcoin has shot up there is a few places where you can make decent amounts of coin. I personally always used clevermining.com but the return rate has become less and less with the rise of new scrypt mining asics. One of the few places I still personally mine scrypt at is ltcrabbit.com, here they pay in LTC but the rate per mh/s is alot greater than many of the other sites available.

Personally I would always compare it against Nicehash just purely due to the ease of there mining software, especially when mining with multiple GPU's

Is there any other scrypt or X11 pools that you use? Feel free to drop a link or a recommendation in the comments

Saturday, 4 March 2017

LocalBitcoins Vs Bitbargain Vs Remitano

After trawling through exchanges to buy Bitcoins I have decided to write an article on the top 3 that I currently use or have used and my reasons behind them

I will Start with LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins has been around since 2012 and is probably one of the first sites you will come to if you want to Buy Bitcoins. It allows people to both buy and sell Bitcoins at the price they set with many many ways of paying, one of those being cash on collection. They allow you to search for local sellers and pay cash which seems alot of people prefer to do. Personally I try and keep it to bank transfers as everything is held in escrow until it has been confirmed by both sides

BitBargain is another site that has been around for a while (unable to find exact founded date) and again is another big name you will come to when searching for buying/selling Bitcoins. It is very much like LocalBitcoins it the way it works with escrow and the users selling or buying Bitcoins but has fewer payment options, nearly all options are online transactions. BitBargain is probably the one trading platform that I feel the safest on, they have tons of verification for the sellers to do. The sellers even have to carry out an exam and get 100% to be allowed to sell Bitcoin on the site. Buyers also have to do some verification, this is mainly to re assure the sellers that they are using a legitamte bank account and not trying to pay with any stolen or illegal methods.

I highly recommend BitBargain and I carry out most of my trades on here

Remitano is probably the newest player on the market, it follows the same platform as Bitbargain and LocalBitcoins. The website is clean and fresh and feels good to use, I have only seen good reviews so far for the website although I am yet to carry out a trade. I dont know if this is down to low UK traffic or my online times. Remitano has the highest traffic from Vietnam and Malaysia and I think may still require a little bit of time to grow in the UK. Buyers and Sellers still go through the same escrow service when selling and all sellers must have ID verification