Friday, 30 June 2017

Best FREE Poloniex Profit Spreadsheet

If you are into trading, which I am very very much so and use Poloniex a lot then you may know it can be really tough sometimes to see or track your profit. So you think a spreadsheet will be perfect for you to track your crypto trades but you cant make one as you are not an Excel Guru. This is the situation I was in, nearly all spreadsheets are paid for and usually are not cheap which I think is ridiculous considering we are all in this to try and make some money.

That was until I came across "guesswho1234" FREE poloniex spreadsheet on bitcointalk. I have followed this spreadsheet and in the early days it was not great, was tricky to use and not very clear on how it works. I have now returned to the new version of his spread sheet and wow it is absolutely perfect for us Poloniex traders. First of all its free, which is a great gesture from gueswho1234 as you can see how much work has been put into this spreadsheet. Secondly it is so so easy to use its unreal. Simply click the data button, load your Polo tradehistory.csv, select a date and check your profits

Bitcointalk thread is here showing latest revisions and download link

Direct download link, advise checking above for latest version

If you feel generous you can tip guesswho1234 for his hard work on this spreadsheet, this info is taken from his forum profile
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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

First Batch of Radeon Mining GPU's Revealed

So over the last few days on our Facebook page we have been hearing about the rumours that there is mining GPU's in production and aimed for release very very soon. Well over at they have now listed various Radeon GPU's for sale all with figures for mining Eth.

Sapphire Mining Editions cards: 
Sapphire Radeon RX 470 MINING Edition 8192MB GDDR5 Samsung 7 Gbps (11256-38-10G) – 25-28MH/s ETH 
– Sapphire Radeon RX 470 MINING Edition 8192MB GDDR5 7 Gbps (11256-37-10G) – 24-27MH/s ETH 
– Sapphire Radeon RX 470 MINING Edition 4096MB GDDR5 Samsung 7 Gbps (11256-36-10G) – 24-27 MH/s ETH 
– Sapphire Radeon RX 470 MINING Edition 4096MB GDDR5 7 Gbps (11256-35-10G) – 23-26 MH/s ETH 
– Sapphire Radeon RX 560 Pulse MINING Edition 4096MB (11267-11-10G) – 12-15 MH/s ETH

Now the figures aren't fantastic when reflected against the price but when you consider there are no 580's in stock in the UK and these are available to pre-order now this could be huge for people with GPU farms. Another thing that I think this is huge for is it shows that cryptocurrency is getting some serious recognition, finally people are waking up to the fact that it is not going anywhere and is here to stay

Monday, 19 June 2017

RX480 & 580 Sell Out Uk Wide, Selling For Double On Ebay

At the time of writing, currently in the UK you cannot get an ATi 480/580 the are sold out nationwide and I am hearing reports its not just here. People have been saying this is due to shortages of processors for the units but I really do believe this is all down to one thing.... Mining

Again as I am writing this GPU mining is massively profitable again and it has absolutely boomed with all the news Bitcoin has been getting. All you have to do is look on eBay and see 480's that when new cost £150 are now selling for £300+ which is absolutely insane. It really really makes me seriously consider selling my 480 but all the time it makes a profit why should I? To all you big GPU farm owners out there, firstly I am highly jealous but secondly what are you all doing? Are you selling or holding?

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Invest Your Eth Invest in the "flippening"

With Ethereum surpassing Bitcoin in Google searches and increasing in value massively in 2017 it is one of the hottest crypto's out there at the moment. A great opportunity has come up to invest your Ethereum with gambling site iDice launching an ICO crowdfunding, they will give you a cut of ALL house profits and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. I myself have invested a small amount as like anything they all have risks and you have to remember these are all potential scams, so ONLY invest a small small amount. If it pays off great

Check it out here

Investor Protection

We have secured process using the Ethereum blockchain. All tokens sent are distributed via a smart contract automatically on the blockchain. This system works as an automated reliable escrow for token delivery between the investor and the smart contract by relying on the Ethereum blockchain. The smart contract is open source, verifiable, and completely fair. You can view the verified source code here. This token distribution system is similar how previous large projects have distributed their tokens like Golem and Melonport.
To protect further investors, we have created a maximum cap on the supply. 5 million iDice tokens is the maximum possible amount, and there will never be more tokens. When the total tokens reaches this amount, no more investments will be accepted. Even if the proposed maximum supply cap is not reached, there will never be any more tokens created following this crowdsale.

What you receive

By investing in iDice, you will receive iDice tokens at our specified exchange rate.
These iDice tokens entitle you to a percentage of all house profits.
These iDice tokens also can be exchanged back to Ethereum after the crowdsale via exchanges. 
This means iDice tokens themselves will be tradeable for Ethereum even after the crowdsale. 
Typically crowdsale tokens are worth significantly more once listed on exchanges due to more attention, so buying early is a good idea. 
In addition, we are offering bonus tokens for the first week!