Sunday, 18 June 2017

Invest Your Eth Invest in the "flippening"

With Ethereum surpassing Bitcoin in Google searches and increasing in value massively in 2017 it is one of the hottest crypto's out there at the moment. A great opportunity has come up to invest your Ethereum with gambling site iDice launching an ICO crowdfunding, they will give you a cut of ALL house profits and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. I myself have invested a small amount as like anything they all have risks and you have to remember these are all potential scams, so ONLY invest a small small amount. If it pays off great

Check it out here

Investor Protection

We have secured process using the Ethereum blockchain. All tokens sent are distributed via a smart contract automatically on the blockchain. This system works as an automated reliable escrow for token delivery between the investor and the smart contract by relying on the Ethereum blockchain. The smart contract is open source, verifiable, and completely fair. You can view the verified source code here. This token distribution system is similar how previous large projects have distributed their tokens like Golem and Melonport.
To protect further investors, we have created a maximum cap on the supply. 5 million iDice tokens is the maximum possible amount, and there will never be more tokens. When the total tokens reaches this amount, no more investments will be accepted. Even if the proposed maximum supply cap is not reached, there will never be any more tokens created following this crowdsale.

What you receive

By investing in iDice, you will receive iDice tokens at our specified exchange rate.
These iDice tokens entitle you to a percentage of all house profits.
These iDice tokens also can be exchanged back to Ethereum after the crowdsale via exchanges. 
This means iDice tokens themselves will be tradeable for Ethereum even after the crowdsale. 
Typically crowdsale tokens are worth significantly more once listed on exchanges due to more attention, so buying early is a good idea. 
In addition, we are offering bonus tokens for the first week!

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