Monday, 19 June 2017

RX480 & 580 Sell Out Uk Wide, Selling For Double On Ebay

At the time of writing, currently in the UK you cannot get an ATi 480/580 the are sold out nationwide and I am hearing reports its not just here. People have been saying this is due to shortages of processors for the units but I really do believe this is all down to one thing.... Mining

Again as I am writing this GPU mining is massively profitable again and it has absolutely boomed with all the news Bitcoin has been getting. All you have to do is look on eBay and see 480's that when new cost £150 are now selling for £300+ which is absolutely insane. It really really makes me seriously consider selling my 480 but all the time it makes a profit why should I? To all you big GPU farm owners out there, firstly I am highly jealous but secondly what are you all doing? Are you selling or holding?

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