Saturday, 22 July 2017

Earn Bitcoin Without Mining With

Not every has the equipment of even the money to start mining Bitcoin these days, to get started could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. We have returned to GPU mining now which has become profitable over other currencies but some people still cant or wont want to do this.

This brings me to Bitcoin faucet pages, if you dont know what they are in basic principles its a website that gives you free BTC for looking at adverts. They get paid we get paid all happy. Now the transactions will micro transactions so dont expect to get much back in return, but if you have an hour a day to put into faucets then you have a real possibility of acquiring some Bitcoin

Going through and finding individual faucet pages can be a right pain in the backside, this is where comes it. Think of it like a gateway where it lists all the faucets and all you have to do is click each one and do the annoying "are you human" checks. I trialed it for around 10/15 minutes and managed to accumulate 0.00000532BTC which really is very little.

Like I said if you want to get just some BTC then this may be a method for you but dont expect huge returns and expect to sit through lots of annoying adverts and annoying click bait. On a plus side you wont find a better way to do faucet systems than through

Is there a site that you think is better? Let me know!

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