Sunday, 16 July 2017

What Are Your 2017 Investments?

Something that always interests me is to see what peoples investments of 2017 are. We all know by now that we shouldnt keep just one crypto, all we have to do is look at #ethereum and #bitcoin to see that.
So my question is, what are you investing in this year?
For me this year my main investments have been
Ethereum #ETH
Ethereum Classic #ETC
Waves Platform #Waves
Antshares #ANS
Byteball #GBYTE
Ripple #XRP

As always there will be highs and there will be massive lows but normally I always believe in holding onto your currency and never get panicked if the price drops. I have held onto currency for months waiting for the price to come back up.

Also I am very very interested if people have any currencies they recommend checking out, I almost feel if we get the people it may be worth having a forum so we could have a speculation page. We are all here for the same reason we all want to make money! We dont want to miss the next Bitcoin

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