Wednesday, 30 August 2017

OmiseGo Officially Partnered With McDonalds Thai

Well looking at OmiseGo's official Twitter this coin very well be just as promising as all the recent rumours are proving. They have announced on their twitter that they have officially confirmed their relationship with McDonalds Thailand. This is Huge! As I am writing this I would not be surprised if we are seeing OMG coin's price going to the moon, I have invested early in OMG and I am crossing my fingers this will just bring more profit to the coin

I still think there is time to invest looking at Bittrex but I am writing this now when the price is .00236926 which although it is at a high for OMG I do believe with news like this its just the start?

Have you invested in OMG? If not will you invest now?

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Convert Crypto Instantly At The Best Rate With Changelly

Sometimes if you need to convert coins fast you get sucker punched on the exchange rate and end up not getting as much as you possibly would if you traded with a regular exchange. Changelly are here to literally change that, they are instant and with the best exchange rate of any exchange out there. One of the most convenient things about this service is with BTC's slow transaction time now I can transfer it to Ethereum and get an almost instant transaction.

They are used by over 300,000 members and with their exchange fee's set at 0.5% you can really see why. For anyone who trades multiple crypto and and needs to exchange coins hassle free then this really is for you


Saturday, 26 August 2017

Free WCX Tokens

I think I am going to make this a regular thing as it has been proving to be quite popular on our Facebook and blog page. If I find a token which is offering a free giveaway and believe me I do come across a lot of them I will start posting them. To me a lot of them will probably fail but if the tokens are for free then it does not matter, and even if you can make a $1 it has to be worth two minutes of your time. Also if you come across any coins that are offering free tokens then please use the contact us page to inform us. Thanks guys!

What is the name of the token?

What are they? 
A low cost digital currency exchange offering all token holders a split of 20% of the future exchange fee's

How many free tokens can I get?
You get 50 free WCXT tokens upon sign up

Will it make me rich?
Extremely unlikely, but for free even if we make $1 we win

Are they on any exchanges?
No not yet the ICO has not even begun and does not begin till 10.10.17

Where can I get these free tokens?
By visiting their website 

Return Of XMR Monero

In the last 24 hours we have seen an insane price increase in Monero XMR, this comes as great news to people who are holding bags and were waiting to sell off like me and investors alike. We have seen nearly a increase of  0.01BTC per coin as you can see from the image up top

I have been searching around looking for rumours to find out why we have seen an XMR explosion when the coin has been down for a long time. I have come to find that I believe the increase in price is due to XMR being added to one of the largest South Korean exchanges, they are also the people that have caused the recent Ripple boom.

At the time of writing we are seeing 51 of the 100 main crypto's in the green which for traders is great news after having a few months of poor prices

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Free ATS Tokens Worth $10

We all love money, that's why we do crypto but even better we all love free money. Authorship are currently running a bounty that you can claim 75 ATS tokens for free by just signing up with your email and ether address. It really is that simple and at the time of writing they are worth almost $10 which for free is awesome. I have no idea how long this is running for or even if they will go up in value but free crypto is free crypto, they will be added to your balance when the crowdsale is over

Simply go to there website here to claim ATS

Once you have claimed your free ATS to add it to myetherwallet simply click add token and enter the following

The ATS token contract address is : “0x2dAEE1AA61D60A252DC80564499A69802853583A
Token Symbol: ATS
Token Name: Authorship Token
Token decimals: 4


Join Rivetz The Hottest Token Sale Available While You Can

One of the hottest and most talked about token sales for investing at the moment is Rivetz, the talk and speculation around it is nothing short of amazing. As always with token sales they are a massive risk but if they have a good whitepaper and generally a good team behind them people like us can make some quick bucks and usually a good amount of quick bucks.

So what is Rivetz?
Rivetz is a decentralized mobile cyber security token

What is the business model?

For the RvT Token:
  • Tokens are expected to be exchanged for Cybercontrol services. Rivetz builds a couple and we
  •  have partners building a couple; the API’s will be published for anyone to explore.
  • Tokens wil be used to register reference health measurements.
  • Tokens will be used to verify the integrity of the device with the cybersecurity controller.
  • Tokens will be consumed to provide a machine multisig.
For Rivetz:

  • Developers can use the Rivetz trusted app as part of their Application.
  • Rivetz is building the core architectural components it believes will be required to deliver strong decentralized security.
  • Rivetz provides base services for the ecosystem: from 2fa and u2f apps to encryption and wallets (for a small fee).
So the next question is how can I find out more and where do I go to purchase RvT tokens? Simple you need to head over to the ICO website Here! Hurry though you only have until September 10th to invest it this ICO

So after you have bought your RvT following the guide on their payment page, MAKE SURE you use the correct data and correct amount of GAS to get your RvT almost instantly. Now you need to add it to myeherwallet so you can see your tokens.

In myetherwallet go down and click add token, here you will need to add address, token symbol and decimals. This is easy:

Address: 0x3d1ba9be9f66b8ee101911bc36d3fb562eac2244
Symbol: RVT
Decimals: 18

It should now appear in your ethertwallet and after 5-10 mins your RvT should appear

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

AMD Radeon Vega Mining Benchmark

I have come across many benchmarks now for AMD's incoming release of their new Vega 64 GPU and the results are just a bit meh to be honest. For a GPU that is costing over here in the UK over £500 I did expect a hashrate of more than 30MH/s but I suppose until we have the latest drivers for it and no doubt Claymore will release an updated version. At least we can take from this that it out performs the GTX 1080 massively but then again so does the 1070 which I still confuses the hell outta me

Hash per Watt the Vega is 0.09MH/s per Watt which brings it slightly under the GTX 1070 which is 0.13MH/s per Watt. Other rumours circulating is that the Vega 56 will be only be 2-5MH/s slower but will be cheaper, how cheap we are yet to find out.

I dont see this GPU to be good enough for people to start replacing all of their 480/580's just yet, if the cost of it was even just £100 less then I really think people would consider it.

Whats your thoughts? Will you be buying?


Saturday, 12 August 2017

How To Create A NEO Wallet And Earn GAS

Creating a NEO wallet and earning GAS is something that I have not found to be very clear around on the internet and overall it isn't even really a great process. This is because it involves you logging into the wallet with your private key which is not the greatest for security

Something very important to take note of is the fact that like all other cryptocurrency the NEON wallet is just an interface, your coins are NOT stored in this wallet you are simply pairing with the interface. You must keep the private key as secure as possible, if someone gains access to this you could lose all of your funds.

Now setting up the wallet is rather simple, it just depends on how far you want to go with security to make sure your NEO is in safe hands. If you have lots of NEO that is worth a small fortune I would suggest doing this on a computer that is a FRESH install and is completely offline.

Download The NEON wallet here

Install the wallet and then you will be presented with the screen below.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017 Accepts Payment From 40+ Cryptocurrencies has been accepting Bitcoin now for a little while now and CEO Patrick Byrne has said that their weekly Bitcoin sales is around $50000 and has been for some time. This is a very good sign of stability for a major website selling almost everything for the home taking regular payment via Bitcoin.
   Now Byrne has gone one step further and announced that will take payment from 40+ altcoins, this is huge. For those that have high value wrapped up in altcoins this saves you transferring and exchanging all your crypto and incurring high fee's. Now you can go straight ot and purchase with all major altcoins. For me this is a sign of things to come, Byrne has been a long time Bitcoin supported and the adoption of altcoins can only be a good thing for the cryptocurrency community

Where would you like to see start accepting payment in crypto?

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Claiming Bitcoin Cash From Bitcoin Core Wallet

I have finally claimed my Free Bitcoin Cash and eventually after looking through tons and tons of guides found the easiest way to do it from your Bitcoin Core wallet. As always this is a risk, it involves revealing your private keys which is why you should move your BTC to a new wallet before doing this so your Bitcoin is not compromised

Seriously its as easy as that, but on another serious note this is a risky business especially if you have high amounts of BTC. We take no responsibility for you carrying out this procedure

What you will need

Coinomi downloaded on your phone updated to the latest version, then setup Coinomi as below

AntShares Rise 100% In Just A Week

We previously talked about our investments for 2017 and asked people what their own investments are, you can check that out here. One of the coins we included in this was Antshares and this week with the Bitcoin fork and Bitcoin Cash news all happening we did see Antshares rise by 100% in just a week. This has come as great great news for all early investors and hopefully we are going to see a good return on this coin.

For me I will not be selling even with the massive high, I will be holding onto mine and waiting to see what the future holds in store for Antshares. As always its a gamble as we could see the price plummet down to zero, or it could do a Bitcoin/Ethereum you never know

It currently at the time of writing sits just outside of the top 10 crypto's when comparing market cap. Again to me this all comes as good news, WAVES is currently 16th which again is another of my investments and is performing very well. 

Which have you invested in that has returned you a good profit in 2017?