Tuesday, 15 August 2017

AMD Radeon Vega Mining Benchmark

I have come across many benchmarks now for AMD's incoming release of their new Vega 64 GPU and the results are just a bit meh to be honest. For a GPU that is costing over here in the UK over £500 I did expect a hashrate of more than 30MH/s but I suppose until we have the latest drivers for it and no doubt Claymore will release an updated version. At least we can take from this that it out performs the GTX 1080 massively but then again so does the 1070 which I still confuses the hell outta me

Hash per Watt the Vega is 0.09MH/s per Watt which brings it slightly under the GTX 1070 which is 0.13MH/s per Watt. Other rumours circulating is that the Vega 56 will be only be 2-5MH/s slower but will be cheaper, how cheap we are yet to find out.

I dont see this GPU to be good enough for people to start replacing all of their 480/580's just yet, if the cost of it was even just £100 less then I really think people would consider it.

Whats your thoughts? Will you be buying?


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