Sunday, 6 August 2017

AntShares Rise 100% In Just A Week

We previously talked about our investments for 2017 and asked people what their own investments are, you can check that out here. One of the coins we included in this was Antshares and this week with the Bitcoin fork and Bitcoin Cash news all happening we did see Antshares rise by 100% in just a week. This has come as great great news for all early investors and hopefully we are going to see a good return on this coin.

For me I will not be selling even with the massive high, I will be holding onto mine and waiting to see what the future holds in store for Antshares. As always its a gamble as we could see the price plummet down to zero, or it could do a Bitcoin/Ethereum you never know

It currently at the time of writing sits just outside of the top 10 crypto's when comparing market cap. Again to me this all comes as good news, WAVES is currently 16th which again is another of my investments and is performing very well. 

Which have you invested in that has returned you a good profit in 2017?

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