Saturday, 26 August 2017

Free WCX Tokens

I think I am going to make this a regular thing as it has been proving to be quite popular on our Facebook and blog page. If I find a token which is offering a free giveaway and believe me I do come across a lot of them I will start posting them. To me a lot of them will probably fail but if the tokens are for free then it does not matter, and even if you can make a $1 it has to be worth two minutes of your time. Also if you come across any coins that are offering free tokens then please use the contact us page to inform us. Thanks guys!

What is the name of the token?

What are they? 
A low cost digital currency exchange offering all token holders a split of 20% of the future exchange fee's

How many free tokens can I get?
You get 50 free WCXT tokens upon sign up

Will it make me rich?
Extremely unlikely, but for free even if we make $1 we win

Are they on any exchanges?
No not yet the ICO has not even begun and does not begin till 10.10.17

Where can I get these free tokens?
By visiting their website 

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