Saturday, 12 August 2017

How To Create A NEO Wallet And Earn GAS

Creating a NEO wallet and earning GAS is something that I have not found to be very clear around on the internet and overall it isn't even really a great process. This is because it involves you logging into the wallet with your private key which is not the greatest for security

Something very important to take note of is the fact that like all other cryptocurrency the NEON wallet is just an interface, your coins are NOT stored in this wallet you are simply pairing with the interface. You must keep the private key as secure as possible, if someone gains access to this you could lose all of your funds.

Now setting up the wallet is rather simple, it just depends on how far you want to go with security to make sure your NEO is in safe hands. If you have lots of NEO that is worth a small fortune I would suggest doing this on a computer that is a FRESH install and is completely offline.

Download The NEON wallet here

Install the wallet and then you will be presented with the screen below.

Now you will need to click new wallet and this will give you your private and public keys. IMPORTANT save this information, you will need the private key and you will need to keep it as safe as possible.

Then you have your wallet ready to use and ready to start earning GAS, you can claim your GAS every five minutes and how much you earn depends on how much NEO you have stored in your wallet

If you are really worried about security and you are planning to do this on an offline computer, I would also recommend using KeePass so you can encrypt your private key with a passcode.

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