Sunday, 20 August 2017

Join Rivetz The Hottest Token Sale Available While You Can

One of the hottest and most talked about token sales for investing at the moment is Rivetz, the talk and speculation around it is nothing short of amazing. As always with token sales they are a massive risk but if they have a good whitepaper and generally a good team behind them people like us can make some quick bucks and usually a good amount of quick bucks.

So what is Rivetz?
Rivetz is a decentralized mobile cyber security token

What is the business model?

For the RvT Token:
  • Tokens are expected to be exchanged for Cybercontrol services. Rivetz builds a couple and we
  •  have partners building a couple; the API’s will be published for anyone to explore.
  • Tokens wil be used to register reference health measurements.
  • Tokens will be used to verify the integrity of the device with the cybersecurity controller.
  • Tokens will be consumed to provide a machine multisig.
For Rivetz:

  • Developers can use the Rivetz trusted app as part of their Application.
  • Rivetz is building the core architectural components it believes will be required to deliver strong decentralized security.
  • Rivetz provides base services for the ecosystem: from 2fa and u2f apps to encryption and wallets (for a small fee).
So the next question is how can I find out more and where do I go to purchase RvT tokens? Simple you need to head over to the ICO website Here! Hurry though you only have until September 10th to invest it this ICO

So after you have bought your RvT following the guide on their payment page, MAKE SURE you use the correct data and correct amount of GAS to get your RvT almost instantly. Now you need to add it to myeherwallet so you can see your tokens.

In myetherwallet go down and click add token, here you will need to add address, token symbol and decimals. This is easy:

Address: 0x3d1ba9be9f66b8ee101911bc36d3fb562eac2244
Symbol: RVT
Decimals: 18

It should now appear in your ethertwallet and after 5-10 mins your RvT should appear

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