Wednesday, 9 August 2017 Accepts Payment From 40+ Cryptocurrencies has been accepting Bitcoin now for a little while now and CEO Patrick Byrne has said that their weekly Bitcoin sales is around $50000 and has been for some time. This is a very good sign of stability for a major website selling almost everything for the home taking regular payment via Bitcoin.
   Now Byrne has gone one step further and announced that will take payment from 40+ altcoins, this is huge. For those that have high value wrapped up in altcoins this saves you transferring and exchanging all your crypto and incurring high fee's. Now you can go straight ot and purchase with all major altcoins. For me this is a sign of things to come, Byrne has been a long time Bitcoin supported and the adoption of altcoins can only be a good thing for the cryptocurrency community

Where would you like to see start accepting payment in crypto?

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