Sunday, 10 September 2017

Keep Track Of Your Bittrex & Poloniex Trading Free

Tracking your trading can be one of the hardest and most annoying things you have to do, we have found you some alternatives before. Blockfolio for tracking long term holds but you have to input everything manually and the free Poloniex spreadsheet which is good but only does Poloniex stats. If like me you use multiple exchanges these generally aren't good enough, today I was pointed in the direction of Altpocket.

Altpocket is very new and still currently in Beta stage but it is a tracking system online where it imports all of your Bittrex and Poloniex trades and tells you your profit/loss. Its as simple as importing your APi keys and the Altpocket does the rest. Another nice touch is they have created it like a social platform aswell which allows you to have interaction with the rest of the community

Check it out here 

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