Friday, 13 October 2017

Bitcoin Reaches New All Time High

Over the last 24 hours there has been a mad flurry of activity within the Bitcoin market, first we see Bitcoin go on a huge run and break the $5000 barrier. Then I wake up in the morning to find out that Bitcoin peaked at $5854!!

I was amazed and shocked, $5000 was enough for me I really did not think we were going to carry on and run nearly to six thousand. I see six thousand dollars being really achievable now before the end of the year, although I will wait before I make anymore decisions and see what Bitcoin Gold will do to the price. I am expecting it to dip, not massively but I think we will see a dip mainly because people are stocking up on Bitcoin so they can claim their own Bitcoin gold. Then once they have sold their Bitcoin Gold (which I believe most people will dump straight away) they will re invest their money into altcoins and they will see a huge push in price

The altcoin market is slumped at the moment what with Bittrex having some strange goings on as we saw everything on Bittrex drop in price, and also like I said above people selling off their altcoins to have as much Bitcoin for the Bitcoin Gold Drop.

Could we really see peoples predictions of $10k next year become true? I really think it will depend on how the 25th October pans out

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