Sunday, 8 October 2017

Contribute To The IOTA Tangle

IOTA is one of the few projects I believe in and we have spoken about since the start of the year, its the technology the devs and the community behind it that really makes it stand out to me. Also the zero transaction fee's I believe IOTA could have a big big future ahead of it.

Anyway, if like me you are invested in IOTA and wish to contribute to the tangle you can download the IOTA transaction spammer. What the hell is this I hear you ask, well simply it used up a bit of your CPU power in a webpage to confirm transactions on the IOTA tangle, anyone that does this is making a huge contribution to the network. Unfortunately there is no reward for it but if you honestly believe in something then a bit of CPU idle time will go to good use

You can download the webspammer here or use the web version here (no dowload required for web version)

I found having an IOTA wallet open at the time syncs the node fully but it should work without it

Thank you to anyone that contributes

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