Thursday, 19 October 2017

October Updates and Token Freebies

Thought I would write a quick update post from some of the information I have posted on our Facebook page that will be useful to you guys that check the blog.

I will start with Authorship Token ATS

If you remember we promoted getting yourself free ATS tokens, they have now got to quite a bit in value. They are currently trading on EtherDelta at 0.000126400 ATS/ETH and have just been added to HitBTC also. Totally up to you what you wish to do with them but I kinda dumped mine, that could be a decision I learn to regret if the price continues upwards

More Free Token Drops

I havent done to much research on these tokens but I have found them all to be free airdrops, so check them out and see for yourself they could return you some decent BTC which it looks like ATS token will be doing. 

IF there is any other free airdrops do post them or send them to me on the contact us form and I will get them posted. Alternatively just comment on our facebook page with them

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