Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Where To Buy IOTA?

Currently at the time of writing I really do believe IOTA is one of the most stand out and undervalued cryptocurrencies that has huge potential. One of the biggest issues of getting yourself some IOTA is currently it is only listed on two exchanges, Binance and Bitfinex it is still keeping it relatively cheap

So why IOTA?

Here are some brief points of why you should get yourself some IOTA

  1. It has a zero transactional fee. (Something I personally love the most)
  2. Its pre-mined and all coins have been distributed, so there is no corporation holding any coins. (I.e. no central power in terms of coins)
  3. There are no mining benefits. So corporation will stay away from mining. (Complete decentralized network)
  4. It's quantum secure. (Even supercomputers cannot guess your public keys)
  5. The network becomes stronger when the number of transactions increases. (So there won't be any problems of network clogging)

I will provide some links at the bottom for more information but I would suggest you buy it from Binance and you can use their own token to cover fee's. Check Binance out Here

I will now drop some links for getting started with your IOTA

Official Website:

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