Saturday, 18 November 2017

Coin Market Cap One Year Ago Today

Interesting to look at a snapshot of the top ten coins this time last year and how different the price is on almost all these coins. Obviously the big stand out is Bitcoin which at the time was trading at $747 and at the time of writing it is now $7726 which when you look at it like that is an absolutely insane increase. As always every year I look at things like this and always think to myself should of bought more! Don't we all!

So if we look at the top ten from coin market cap today it is very different but a couple of the key performers are still in there. Three mentions of big climbers have to be the rise of Bitcoin Cash, Iota and Neo. Also worth a mention the price of Ethereum in the top picture standing at $0.53 and today sits at $334 which again in the space of a year is a huge increase!

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