Tuesday, 28 November 2017

IOTA Officially Partners With Microsoft and Fujitsu

If any of you have been following this blog for a little while you will know that I absolutely love and believe in IOTA and have been posting many articles and news on the currency. Well today we have seen a massive 30% price increase which is continuing as I type this because IOTA has released possibly some of the biggest news to come into crypto

They have officially partnered with Microsoft (YES MICROSOFT) and Fujitsu to lauch cryptocurrency market for the internet of things. So like me you probably went wow thats great news but what the hell does that mean, well.. The initiative, which will allow stakeholders to share and monetize their data in a secure way, aims to demonstrate a proof of concept for a tamper-proof data marketplace. Once uploaded to IOTA’s decentralized ledger, all data is distributed to countless nodes in order to ensure immutability.

Also the above was tweeted which confirmed Fujitsu being included with the partnership and this sent everyone into meltdown within the IOTA community. The big difference with IOTA is it does not use the conventional blockchain technology, it is run on the "tangle" which is not easy to describe but you can see a good visualization demo here for it

IOTA is currently sitting 9th on coinmarket cap with a market cap of $2.95 billion, if you wish to buy some IOTA check out our blog post on where to buy here

You can checkout the marketplace https://data.iota.org/

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