Saturday, 4 November 2017

My Thoughts On The Upcoming Fork

Copied from my facebook post

Getting very concerned with some of these posts I am reading across many groups to do with Segwit 2X
I have been researching as much as possible but I am unable to find a definitive answer to what we think is going to happen. This could possibly be the biggest event in Bitcoins life so far. Lots have people have been taking their Bitcoins and selling for either USDT or LTC or BCH, this shocks me and again I am struggling to understand it. I understand they want to keep the currency they have safe and since B2X is a complete unknown it could possibly be the safest bet, BUT to my knowledge those that hold BTC in most exchanges or hold the private key will get an equal amount of Segwit 2x.
So why the need to sell up? From what I have read majority of people are worried of a 51% attack happening through Segwit 2X which could possible bring BTC to its knees.
Me personally, I will hold my Bitcoin just like I have done through the China news, I do not see BTC going anywhere. Yes the technology of Bitcoin is not perfect for transactions but I believe people are past that.
We will have to wait and see, the best advice I can give is do YOUR own research about the upcoming fork. Don't trust people on Facebook or Reddit do YOUR research and have YOUR opinion on what you want to do.
By all means if you find out anything interesting or any interesting links do post them in the comments. I am still carrying out my research and what I have posted is just the conclusion I am at so far

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