Tuesday, 5 December 2017

IOTA Passes $3

IOTA is absolutely flying, we announced the huge partnership with 20+ big names and at the moment all I feel like I am doing is reporting on IOTA but I am seriously excited for this currency. I've been watching IOTA for a long time and now seeing all this new money come into it is great, bare in mind this crypto is still in beta, its still not on major exchanges and 2018 could be huge for it. It has just topped $3 at the time of writing this and I am hoping to come back next year and laugh at the price and as always wish I bought more just like ETH

Going to repost some useful links so everyone can jump on board the IOTA train

Buy it from Bitfinex as the rates are generally better. Also if you wish you can use referral code g0xLUWV1YL to get discounted trade fee's. 

Alternatively Binance has now started trading IOTA and you can use their own token to cover fee's. Check Binance out Here

Official Website: https://iota.org/

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