Friday, 8 December 2017

Start Mining Electroneum On PC

Electroneum is currently under massive maintenance due to being hacked which has put there whole project on hold withe the mobile mining. Although I never realised that people have started mining the coin on PC since November when it should only have been minable through mobiles. At the moment on it sits top of the charts for returns so I am going to help you get started if you are looking to get involved.

First you will need a wallet, you could setup a paper wallet which is easy enough but you will not be able to transfer funds to exchanges which in my eyes is pointless. So we need a wallet we can move coins in and out of so we can get them over to the exchange and get them sold

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Firstly we need a wallet Download the official wallet here

You'll find in 2 executables
"electroneumd.exe" allows you to download the blockchain and synchronize your wallet on it, you will need it so start it, it will take several minutes to synchronize. The message "You are now synchronized with the network. You may now start electroneum-wallet-cli." will tell you when it will be synchronized. 

"electroneum-wallet-cli.exe" is the command line wallet. Run it. The "Wallet file name (or Ctrl-C to quit):" message appears and asks you for the name of your wallet (if you have already created one). If this is the first time you launch it, type the name you want to give to your wallet, eg "wallet1". You should have this message: "No wallet found with that name." Confirm creation of new wallet named: wallet1 
(Y/Yes/N/No):" press the Y key then Enter You will now need to enter a password for your wallet:" Enter new wallet password: ", then a second time to confirm it. Then type the number for the language you want to create the 25 words of wallet's seeds. 
You must keep in a safe place the information that appears. "Generated new wallet" corresponds to your public address, "View key" to your visualization key and the 25 words after the sentence in green are your seed which can be used to you to recover the access to your wallet if you lose the files of the wallet created by the program. 
To copy/paste all this into a text file, select the text and right-click, then CTRL + V in an empty text file.

Now we need to download a miner Download XMR-STAK Here

Launch "xmr-stak.exe"
After the message: "Please enter: // - Currency: 'monero' or 'aeon'" you have to type monero.
Then "- Pool address: e.g." you have to type:
"- Username (wallet address or pool login):" enter your wallet address
"- Password (mostly empty or x):" just type x
"- Does this pool port support TLS/SSL? Use no if unknown. (y/N)" type N
"- Do you want to use nicehash on this pool? (y/n)" type N
"- Do you want to use multiple pools? (y/n)" type N (or y if you want to use another pool)
It will automatically create a configuration file for your CPU and GPU (s) 

You may get thrown up a few errors as the software isnt perfect, I will try my best to list some fixes of what I had to do

Memory Allocation Error - You need to go into control panel>system and max your virtual memory in the setting to what your ram is

If, with an Nvidia GPU, you have a "CUDA error" open the file nvidia.txt and reference: ["threads": 52] replace 52 by 20 or 26.

If, with an AMD GPU, you have a "gpu_thread_num" error open the amd.txt file and insert ["gpu_thread_num": 6,] (without brackets) between the {}

My GTX 1070 really didn't like the initial settings so I had to change it to the below
"index" : 0,
    "threads" : 32, "blocks" : 60,
    "bfactor" : 6, "bsleep" :  25,
    "affine_to_cpu" : false

For people that want more of an advanced setup for XMR-stak you can find a nice write up by someone here

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