Thursday, 7 December 2017

Where To Buy EOS

At the moment after we have just got over the IOTA hype I keep getting asked where people can buy EOS. Its another coin with a massive hype around it that is yet to break onto major exchanges and break into the mainstream of crypto, which generally means that its going to be a very good investment. Also with the co-founder of wikipedia releasing a statement that he sees EOS being the only crypto to handle hosting Wikipedia, its worth an investment

I recommend buying it from Binance

1, Create an account with Binance Here

2, Fund That account by clicking deposit and depositing either BTC or ETH. Also you can use BNB tokens which you get charged 50% less, one of the major reasons for using Binance

3, Now click exchange and click basic and find EOS token with the menu on the right hand side and buy

Once you have purchased your EOS I would suggest moving them out of the exchange into a suitable wallet, metamask or myetherwallet

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