Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Where to Buy Litecoin?

With Litecoin going to the moon today alot of people have asked the best places to buy it from, it really depends where you are at with crypto. So I will give you a few options

If you are looking to buy it pain free with a debit/credit card and get the transaction instantly then for me you have to use Coinbase. The fee's will be a bit higher but you really well not get it quicker anywhere else. Also if you sign up now you will get a free $10 worth of Bitcoin aswell when you purchase over $100

Go check out Coinbase Here

If You Already Have Some Form Of Crypto
Then get it over to an exchange where you can sell that crypto off and buy into Litecoin, there are plenty of options such as Bittrex and Poloniex who are two of the biggest BUT both have had issues with Litecoin the past few days due to demand. So I would recommend the two other biggest exchanges Bitfinex or Binance

Alternatively you can instantly change your crypto into Litecoin using Changelly service which is similar to an exchange but is much much simpler and quicker to use

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