Sunday, 21 January 2018

Bitcoin Unconfirmed TX's Clearing Overnight?

Bitcoin price is still a little fragile and is hovering between 10k and 12k but we have some really surprising and good news which kind of just appeared overnight. The amount of unconfirmed transactions drastically dropped overnight with unconfirmed TX's with low fees even clearing. We even saw the biggest block mined so far Size: 2.1MB, Weight: 3993048 which goes to show Segwit is working and making changes to the network.

We have seen many rumours around Twitter and Reddit looking for explanation, some saying it may be Segwit adoption from Coinbase kicking in and other noticing that the overall mining speed increased 20% overnight. Truly we will not know but one thing we do know is Segwit is working, my hunch might be with the Lightning network moving along a lot faster than expected are miners turning to Segwit in hope they keep making decent returns

Also I bet those #bcash supporters are getting slightly worried

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