Thursday, 11 January 2018

Probably Best Not To Check Your Blockfolio This Morning

Woken up this morning to an absolute bloodbath not only in BTC but across the crypto market. The reason I can find is rumours that South Korea was ready to ban all crypto exchanges much like the China FUD all over again. Although this time it is not true

South Korea are looking to ban unregulated exchanges and exchanges that aren't compliant. So that is definitely not banning all exchanges is it

Wish I had more funds not tied up in crypto at the moment as all you need to do is treat today as a crypto sale and fill your pockets with the coin of your choice. Even if its BTC as that's at a nice price, I'd make the most of it because I don't think this will last long

As always if you want to sign up to an exchange to buy some crypto here KuCoin and Binance are simply the best two at the moment for choice of crypto. Here are my referral links, sign up through these to help support the page

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