Wednesday, 10 January 2018

UpCoin Exchange Offering $500 Free On Sign Up

In the past I have managed to post quite a few free airdrops that have made us some quick money, but all of a sudden it was like everyone wanted to do airdrops and what came with that was lots of scams. Now I don't post anywhere near what I used to but today I came across another good one

UpCoin is a new exchange that is currently in development and they are looking for new users to sign up, when a new user signs up they receive $500 FREE to use to cover all exchange fee's once the exchange is up and running. This is a massive amount of money and perfect if you are looking to avoid possible exchange fee's in the future

All you need to do is Sign Up HERE and create an account

As always with these airdrops there is always the slight piece of doubt it could turn out to be a load of nothing, but if it does we lose nothing. Personally I have already signed up and it shows the $500 in my account. I recommend as always with airdrops use a different email and a completely different password you have not used for anything else

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