Saturday, 6 January 2018

Where To Buy XRB Raiblocks Now Nano

Raiblocks XRB may well be just the most promising crypto to be on the market at the moment and I believe at the time of writing this it is still more than early enough to buy in. The currency is near instant transactions with zero fee's, this is a complete game changer especially when the world is currently talking about how much energy Bitcoin miners are currently consuming. To me XRB fixes all of these issues and more and along with IOTA I believe it will change the crypto scene.

One of the biggest factors to know your still an early adopter is to look for exchanges, currently at the time of writing it is only on one exchange that I recommend and that is KuCoin. Although it has just won the vote to be listed on Binance which is coming very soon

Now listed on Nano as well as having a rebrand

Read about XRB's rebrand to NANO here

You can buy XRB on Binance here

Binance not currently taking registrations believe it or not is a good thing as you can get the coin cheap and early on KuCoin and then take some easy profit once Binance has it listed and is acceptign new users

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