Monday, 26 February 2018

Circle Purchases Crypto Exchange Poloniex

Anyone who has been in crypto for a little while will know that Poloniex at one point was almost one of the biggest echanges and used by thousands of people each day. Although a change came to the crypto world with the likes of Binance and Kucoin appearing brining new coins quickly and tons of referral opportunities and because of this a quickly outgrew Poloniex. 

There has been no real updates for a long time with Poloniex but today it all became clear.Goldman Sachs backed company Circle has bought Poloniex. This is a big step for Circle as they take another step forward in the crypto market establishing themselves as quite a big player. They have posted on their blog that the first thing they plan to tackle is Poloniex customer service which we know is near non existent.

It will be interesting to see what other changes will be brought to Poloniex in the near future

Read Circles blog post here

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