Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Free Crypto Airdrops

One thing I have done for a while in crypto now is chase airdrops, a lot of people ask why the hell would you do that? Well we are all in it to make money aren't we and some of the airdrops probably 1 in 10 hell sometimes 1 in 20 will make you a quick buck. I have found myself now quickly able to tell which ones are worth the sign up and which ones aren't worth the 5 minutes it takes. After this I decided to run a subreddit alongside our blog so the blog does not get clogged up with airdrops.

A few pointers to keep these airdrops simple, privacy is key we don't want to reveal any real details to anyone

Create a new ETH wallet, Email address used only for airdrops

Use a unique password for your airdrop signups that you use nowhere else

If it asks for your first and last name, generally this can be ok but I tend to end false details

Never give them your mobile number, ultimate no no for me. Especially when your mobile number will normally be associated with your 2FA. You never know what they could get up to

Never give out a private key to any wallet for any crypto.

Assume every airdrop is a shitcoin and they are out to scam you, never click through anything on the email unless your 100% sure of what it is.

You can check our sub over at https://www.reddit.com/r/airdropalerts/

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