Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Get Started GPU Mining, Must Have Parts

The above image is pretty much I would imagine how most of us including myself start out, you add some more cards into your gaming rig but you soon quickly realise that this is not good enough. The cards run extremely hot, your tight on space and they aren't as efficient as they could be. So here are some items that are almost a must have when creating your GPU Rig

PCI-E Risers

PCI-E risers are a great start to getting your cards some of that much needed air to cool them down, this stops them being next to each other on the motherboard and should allow you to get your temps down. Most people can add them into their own case with a bit of modification but if you want to take the next step you might want to think about an open air case

Open Air Case

Now buying an open air pre built case like above is not really a must but it can help and tidy up your operation. Some people just see this as an extra cost but if you are all about looks and making your setup look nice and tidy and keeping it extra cool then this will be a must buy for you. On Amazon there is a ton of cases ranging from the small to the full shelf stacks

If you want to make your own case checkout this Youtube Guide here
If you want to browse Amazon check here

Motherboard and CPU

Now these are something you might have already but here I will give you the two key components that are great on a budget and great for a stable mining rig.

Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A Intel LGA1151 is the go to motherboard for anyone who is going to start mining with GPU's. Incredibly stable and widely used by the community this board had 6 PCI-E Slots perfect to get your first 6 card rig started

Intel BX80677G3930 CPU G3930 2.90 is the budget CPU of choice, this will give you the minimal amount of CPU power required for minimal cost

This is just our very basic list to get people started, as always people may prefer their own or different products but generally these are all popular to get you started. Obviously this isn't a full rig you will need at least a hard drive, PSU, RAM, Power buttons

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