Sunday, 18 February 2018

Telegram ICO Raises $850 Million

The pre-sale for TON which is Telegrams own token has seen the ICO raise a huge $850 million according to a document filed with the US SEC. This can be seen here

At $850 million this is already the biggest ICO to date with the previous highest at only $350 million, but something to remember this ICO still is yet to go to public sale. It is expected to go to public sale in March and according to Bloomberg will look to raise a whopping $1.1 billion which would make the total around $2 billion. This could be the ICO not to miss in 2018

You can read the official whitepaper here

Currently as it stands I cannot find and pretty sure an official website does not excist yet, so keep your eyes peeled in March for an incoming website. Also be aware of scam sites if they do create a site please please confirm its official before sending any funds into an ICO

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