Monday, 5 March 2018

How To Mine LUX Coin

LUX coin has only been around 4 months at the time of writing this but it is already proving a little gem to mine with GPU's. There isn't much information on it and because the algorithm is not featured on's list yet it still returns a nice profit. Its uses an algorithm that I didn't even know existed until I was recommended to mine the coin PHI1612. 

Also the wallet for LUX is pretty nice and allows you to stake so lets get started

First Download the wallet, install and start syncing it, you can download it from the official website here

Next we need some mining software, I've been mining with my Nvidia 1070 and from what I can see you can also mine with AMD but I am not 100% sure. Download the Nvidia miner here 

Possible AMD miner here

Also I have created a simple BAT file to start mining, copy it to the CCminer folder and and right click and edit it. Change the red circled area to your own LUX wallet address. Download the bat file here

The bat file is setup to mine at, after you have changed your username head over to the website and enter your address to see your stats. The address will look something like this

If you choose the AMD miner I still advise using altminer pool but obviously our bat file will not work with SGMINER

If there is anything I have forgotten do post a comment and let me know

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