Monday, 26 March 2018

My First Week With My Antminer L3+

Ok so I probably got my L3+ a bit late compared to everyone else but I decided to take the plunge from GPU's back to ASIC's and its been an interesting week. The last ASIC I owned was an Antminer S1 or S2 cannot remember but it was a long time ago and it has become a much nicer experience since the early days. The onboard software is now very user friendly with some nice additions of auto off above 80 degrees and manual fan speeds. I remember it being very clunky to use when the first Antminers were on the scene, but this was very easy to setup and was running in a matter of minutes.

After turning it on and getting it running I found the huge huge downside to the L3+.... The fan noise, my god is it loud! My phone has it around 72DB from the rear exit fan which means you will not be having this miner in your lounge or your bedroom as it is just way to noisey. Luckily mine is in a room at the back of our house which is quite cool, so I set the fans at 35% which makes it a bit more bearable with temps not going over 55 degrees.

As you can see from above all is pretty good with temps except one board which seems to be getting quite a few hardware errors. Hopefully that does not get any worse and affect the performance of the L3+. Once mining away its pretty much forget and and let it mine, I've been searching around for the best mining pools to use and they come with some varied opinion, so I will give you my three that my Antminer is setup to - Stats galore, mines the most profitable Scrypt coins and coverts earnings into whatever coin you wish. I currently get my payments int 50% BTC and 50% LTC. Low payouts and plenty of information, earnings seem to be the highest for me - Pays out in Litecoin only, was seeing good results when I first used and that was until I started using Prohashing. If you are looking just for Litecoin earnings I would probably use here rather than Prohashing

Nicehash - I think we would be crazy to no put Nicehash on our list, reliable and again a switch pool that stays one of the highest in profit. I would of used Nicehash if I hadn't of had such good early results with Prohashing

Next step will be making a box because of the noise, today I went out and bought all the bits and have started making it. I will update with another post once its made and maybe even a little youtube video to show it. Also will be making the box a bit wider just in case we decide to get another Antminer, if I can source some cheaper electricity that is!!

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