Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Purpose Built Crypto Heater

When you think you have seen majority of innovations in the crypto world something always comes along to surprise you and the QC1 will definitely do that. The QC1 is the world's first purpose built crypto mining heater, which will mount to your wall heat your house and mine your favourite coins. The heater has two RX580 graphics cards inside which they say will mine at a steady 60MH/s while heating your home

Think of it as a computer and the whole outside is a huge passive cooling system, it uses 650 Watts but in case of the room being really cold it also has two inbuilt resistors to provide additional heating.

Now I have a few issues with this product....  Firstly, what the hell are you going to do in the summer? You want to do some mining but its hot outside you aren't going to turn your heater on to start mining. Secondly the price, it has a retail price of 2900 Euros which is roughly $3575 which for two RX580's to mine only in the summer in quite frankly ridiculous. As you can imagine the QC1 I am pretty sure unless you have free electricity will never provide you with a return on your investment and as the mining world moves forward and the RX580's become old and slow you will be left with an inefficient heater.

So if you leave somewhere that is permanently cold and have free electricity then this could be what you have been searching for. If not don't bother

You can check out the QC1 for yourself over on the official website https://www.qarnot.com/crypto-heater_qc1/

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